• What is Girl Up?



    Girl Up is a global leadership development initiative, positioning girls to be leaders in the movement for gender equality. Girl Up provides leadership training and gives girls tools to become gender equality advocates and activists. Through our programs, girls broaden their social impact skill set, receive a platform to tell their stories, and apply STEM for social good.Girl Up is an initiative of the UN Foundation, working across a global community of partners to achieve gender equality worldwide.



    The Stephen F Austin GirlUp chapter focuses on promoting inclusion in STEM, fostering leadership, and implementing a sense of advocacy in the community. We actively volunteer in the community by holding service projects such as ‘Toiletries and Textbooks’, ‘STEM for Social Good’, ‘#METOO’, and much more! As a chapter, we seek to educate our campus and community about women in STEM and encourage young girls to pursue these fields! We focus on:

    • ADVOCACY: Advocacy is a powerful force for change. At Girl Up, we believe that investing directly in programs for adolescent girls isn't enough; we must also address the policies and laws (or lack thereof) that impact girls.
    • STEM: GirlUp aims to provide opportunities in which members can become familiar with various STEM fields and become equipped with knowledge and skills concerning these careers.
    • LEADERSHIP: GirlUp empowers women to take initiative in furthering the fight for gender equality.Becoming role models to others and showing what powerful young women can do.



    • Volunteering opportunities!
    • You’ll help bring change to AHS and your community through various projects!
    • You’ll become more aware of the challenges girls face everywhere and why it’s important.


    What is STEM?

    STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


    Why STEM?

    Just like feminism, STEM exposure and opportunity is also an intersectional issue. Less than half of Gen Z girls (aged 14-19) believe they have equal access to STEM education as boys, according to a recent survey from Girl Up. According to UNESCO, women represented only 35% of all students enrolled in STEM-related fields of study globally. We also know that girls’ interest in STEM-related fields starts to drop off around early adolescence. It’s time to change that.


    WHO CAN JOIN? Any AHS student can join.