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    Unofficial Transcripts
    Students may need to request unofficial transcripts for scholarships, summer camps, to have for their own records, or, sometimes, for employment. We process these requests through a form found on the student homepage in Naviance Family Connection.  Once this form is complete, students can pick up their unofficial transcript in the registrar’s office located in the front office.
    Official Transcript Requests:

    Official Transcripts for College Admission: 
    All official transcript requests for college admission need to be made in Naviance under the tab, "Colleges I'm Applying to." For college transcript requests, you do not need to bring a stamp to the registrar. Allow 7 business days for the registrar’s office to process requests. Also, note that it can, then, take the institution 7 days to process your transcript after they receive it. For this reason, it is normal for transcripts to take two weeks to show they have been received and processed by your university.

    Official transcripts for Scholarships:
    All official transcript requests for scholarships should be made in person in the registrar's office. You will submit your scholarship application and all supporting documents in a large envelope that is addressed and stamped to the registrar's assistant. Be sure to double-check to see if the scholarship organization is requesting an official or unofficial transcript. Again, you are responsible for addressing and stamping the envelope so the registrar can mail all documents together.  Note: On occasion, a scholarship application will be completed online, but the official transcript will still need to be mailed.

    Official Transcripts for Summer Camps/ Programs:
    All official transcript requests for summer camps/ programs should be made in person in the registrar's office located in the C wing.

    Official Transcripts for mid-year and final requests:
    Students should let their counselor and the registrar’s office know when they need a mid-year transcript sent. Note, most students using the Common Application will need to have a mid-year report and mid-year transcript sent. ALL students applying to college will need to send the final transcript. Students will follow the directions posted at the end of May in Naviance to request their final transcript. Transcripts will not actually be sent to the university by the registrar’s office until after graduation.

    Note About Deadlines & Requests:

    Transcripts are only sent on days the school is open Monday-Friday. Students should check their college and scholarship deadlines carefully. If a deadline is after a long break, students should not make transcript requests over the break with the expectation that the registrar’s office will be sending transcripts. For official transcript requests for scholarships, students should ensure they submit to the registrar’s office at least 3 days before the scholarship deadline.


    All transcript requests will be processed within 7 business days. (Excluding weekends and holidays)  It is important to request transcripts several days before postmark deadlines.

    Transcript requests are not automated within Naviance. Transcripts are still processed and sent through the registrar's office, either electronically or by mail to the institution. (You do not need to provide a stamp for college transcripts, but you will need to provide stamps for official transcripts required for scholarships.)

    It is against district policy for official transcripts to be given to students or parents. It is also against district policy for unofficial transcripts to be e-mailed or electronically communicated to a student or parent.  Please do not ask the registrar's office to break the FBISD district policy.

    Further questions? Contact the Registrar’s office.

     Registrar : 

    Floeshia Britton, Assistant Registrar: floeshia.britton@fortbendisd.com