Erika Bogarty

  •   Dr. Bogarty


    My name is Dr. Erika Bogarty!

    My position here at Willowridge is very unique. I am the GCF (Guidance Classroom Facilitator) and I am an extension of our dynamic administrative team. My job is to continuously demonstrate Care, Commitment, and Trust (CCT) on campus. To ensure our CCT is evident, I initiate restorative practices among the students, assist with campus investigations,  implement academic and behavior management programs, in addition to developing and maintaining student and faculty relationships.

    It is important that our parents and community members are kept abreast of information as it relates to our rising and soaring Eagles. An avenue of my leadership extends to effectively communicating with all stakeholders as a guarantee our campus supports the matriculation of each Eagle.

    I look forward to working with everyone while we BLAZE BLUE!



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