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Dual Credit

  • What is a dual credit course?

    Dual credit courses are college courses that students take while in high school. Dual credit courses are offered to students in FBISD through Houston Community College for FREE (you are required to purchase the book). However, students who reside outside of HCC's Taxing District will be required to pay a $50.00 per course fee. Students who start taking dual credit courses during the summer have the ability to graduate high school with college credits, for free! 


    What are the State TSI requirements for dual credit?

    The students who are interested in enrolling in a dual credit course must meet the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standards. The dual credit TSI standards are:


     EOC Scores

    SAT Scores

    ACT Scores

    TSI Assessment Score

    PSAT 10th & 11th

    Score at least a 4000 on Algebra 1 EOC

    Score at least a 530 on the Math Section

    Score a 19 or above on the Math Section


    Score a 350 on the Math Section


    Score a 510 above on the Math Section

    Score at least a 4000 on ELA 2 EOC

    Score at least a 480 on EBRW section

    Composite Score of at least 23 and a 19 or above on the English section

    Reading: 351

    Writing: Multiple Choice 340, Essay 4 or Multiple Choice 340, ABE Diagnostic level 4, and an essay score 5

    Score a 460 above on the Verbal Section


    What steps do I take to enroll in a dual credit course?

     Follow the action item list below. The first step is to attend one of the mandatory meetings. Students who do not attend a mandatory meeting will not be eligible to enroll in the dual credit course.  


    Action Item


    Dual Credit Interest Meeting


    Submit HCC Application


    Submit HCC Dual Credit Waiver Form

    April 15

    HCC Application Workshop


    TSI Standards

    Mid-May (Must pass TSI Assessment if not TSI exempt based on EOC scores or SAT/ACT scores)

    Dates above are for dual credit courses offered at WHS during the regular school year only. All deadlines for summer dual credit courses are in mid to late February.


    Helpful HCC Dual Credit Student Resources

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    HCC Dual Credit Student/Parent Handbook



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