• College, Career, Military Readiness

    Ms. Green, your College and Career Readiness Advisor, is available for students to seek advice about postsecondary planning, assist with college applications, apply for scholarships, revise college essays, inform students about different colleges, and assist with military recruitment. Parents are also welcome to contact Ms.Green if they have questions or concerns regarding post-secondary education/careers. 

    The CCR Center is located in B 124.

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    • What does it mean to be college-ready?

      A “college-ready” student is prepared for any postsecondary goal without needing college remediation. The student meets the minimum Texas Success Initiative scores through the SAT, ACT, or TSIA.

      *College Remediation: College Remediation is enrolling in additional developmental courses (English and Math) at a 2 or 4-year institution to prepare a student to complete standard college-level courses. These courses will not count towards the student's degree plan and must be taken before enrolling in standard college-level courses.   

      What does it mean to be Career Ready?

      The student has completed or is working towards an industry certificate. The student has met the TSI benchmark through the SAT, ACT, or TSIA.

      What does it mean to be Military Ready?

      The student has successfully completed the ASVAB exam and met the required score for a specific military branch. The student has completed and submitted enlistment documentation to the recruiter and high school.

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