• 1. Sign up for the Tests:
    Helpful hint: After signing up, students have 9 days to send the scores for free. If a student chooses to wait to send the score, it will cost $11.50 per score.
    Sign Up Now:

    2. Study for the Tests
    Students should go into these tests as prepared as possible. Local libraries offer free practice tests, and more SAT help can be found under the link SAT.

    3. Take the Tests          
    I suggest taking both tests. Some students score better on one over the other.

    4. Ask for College Recommendation Letters
    Students should ask teachers and counselors early. Preferably by the end of junior year,  the summer before senior year, or the BEGINNING of senior year. Teacher recommendations are either mailed or submitted through Naviance Family Connection

    Students should ask teachers in person to write a recommendation letter before requesting that teacher to upload in Naviance. They should tell teachers which schools, specifically, they are requesting a letter of recommendation for, which schools teachers will submit electronically in Naviance, which schools teachers will mail the letters to, and, finally, which schools are using the common application.

    Students should provide a resume and addressed/stamped enveloped to the “stamp schools” that do not receive electronic communication in Naviance.

    If a student is using the common application, they should have already linked their common app account in Naviance. For common app schools, teachers will have to complete an additional common app evaluation form as well as a letter of recommendation.

    Communication is key. Remember this is a learning curve for both you and the teachers. Be patient. Be helpful. Give reminders.  

    5. College Search
    Summer is a great time for students to visit colleges. This is the time when students should narrow their college applications down to 3 or 4.
    Use Naviance Super Match College Search in the colleges tab to begin searching. You can view admissions, majors, and other information about the school.

    6. Write the college essay
    You should start early. Go online to view which essay topics your college is asking you to write. Read samples of good writing. See the resources below.

    7. Volunteer:
    This is especially important if a student hasn't done much volunteering in the past. This is helpful to include on the resume. Colleges like consistency. Students should focus on one or two organizations to volunteer with.

    8. Write the College Resume:
    A student sample can be downloaded from the CCR website to help students start. Naviance also offers a resume building tool.

    9. Students should make a checklist with school-specific deadlines

    10. Apply:
    This is actually easy if everything else above has already been done. Complete and submit the application including essays.  ApplyTexas is for state colleges and some privates.  The Common Application is used for many in and out of state private colleges.  Some small private colleges still use their own online application. Check with the individual college's website if they are not on ApplyTexas or The Common Application!

    11. Send Scores & Submit Transcripts
    Send SAT Scores:
    Send ACT Scores:

    Transcript requests are completed in Naviance. (see transcript request tab)

    Fee Waivers:

     To be eligible for fee waivers, students must be eligible for free and reduced lunch. Another nice perk of the fee waiver is that students can register for a test without a late fee penalty. 
    If you know you are eligible, but you are not on free and reduced lunch, the form can be completed here: Online Meal Application.

    How Many?
    Willowridge High School provides 2 waivers for the general SAT test and 2 additional waivers for SAT subject tests.

    How do I get them?
    Students should see Ms. Green in the CCR Center (Rm H106) for fee waivers.

    How do I get fee waivers for college applications?
    After a student uses one waiver to take the SAT test, College Board downloads electronic waivers in your student account to be used to apply for college. Students are only given 4 fee waivers to apply to college.

    To sign up for the SAT test or to find your fee waivers go to College Board: