• WHS' Policy for College Visits - Juniors & Seniors

    How many college visit days am I allotted per year?
    Students may miss up to TWO days a year (not semester)  for campus visits.  

    How do I ensure these visits are excused?
    Turn in a signed letter from a university official on university official letterhead verifying the student's campus visit to the attendance office.

    NOTE: This all must be turned in within 2 days of the absence.

    Most universities will have a standardized letter for campus visits.  Please ask for such a letter when visiting a campus.

    Do these absences count toward exemptions?
    No, if you follow the steps above, they do not count against you, but consider making college visits in the summer, before the second semester begins, on spring break, or weekends. Most colleges have big Saturday events in which you can visit the campus with other prospective students.