• The Willowridge High School Dance Department is headed by Melissa C. Jones with assistance from Bailey Sherretts. The WHS Dance Program consists of four dance courses available to students at levels I-IV.  The dance courses offered are Principles of Dance I-IV, and Dance Team I-IV.  Dance  classes and dance teams are offered to all students for either Fine Arts, P.E., or Elective credit.  Students can sign up for Principles of Dance I-IV during course selection and there is no audition process.  Students interested in being a part of the dance team are required to audition.  Willowridge High School feeder system consists of students from Christa McAuliffe Middle School. Students begin fundamental dance instruction in eighth grade with Willowridge High School Assistant Dance Teacher, Bailey Sherretts. Middle School students audition for Willowridge High School Dance Team in the spring semester of eighth grade.

    Dance at Willowridge  provides for varying abilities of all students so that each can develop his/her abilities at an appropriate pace.  In addition, this will lead the student to develop self confidence, as well as, an on-going appreciation of dance as an art form.  The goal of the WHS Dance Program is that all students will improve kinesthetic awareness, develop expression through movement, and develop their techniques in various forms of dance. 

    The WHS Dance Program also provides students with performance opportunities in the fall and spring semesters.  At the end of the fall semester, students will participate in the annual Winter Dance Concert, also known as, "Winter Show," and during the spring semester, students will participate in the annual Spring Dance Concert, also known as, "Spring Show."  In addition to formal dance concert performances, Dance I students are selected from various Dance I classes to participate in our annual district dance assessment, also known as, D.E.A.L. This dance evaluation is used to assess their knowledge of dance skills.  

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