• Texas Success Initiative Test

    The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires students to be assessed in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics prior to enrolling at a Texas public college or university. 
    Who has to take this test?
    Anyone who does not meet the exemption requirements. 
    Exemption requirements: 
    • Unless exempt, students who are entering a Texas college or university must take a TSI exam and receive a passing score in order to enroll in credit-bearing courses. Students may be exempt from taking a TSI exam by achieving any of the requirements listed below.

      • ACT - Composite score of 23 or higher and a minimum of 19 on both the English and math tests
      • SAT - Evidenced Based Reading/Writing (EBRW) score of 480 or higher and Math score of 530 or higher
      • STAAR EOC - minimum score of Level 2 on English III to be exempt from Reading/Writing or Algebra II to be exempt from mathematics.
     Where do I take this test?
    Fort Bend ISD offers the exam for free at each high school campus. WHS will offer the exam multiple times during the regular school year and once after graduation. 
    How much does it cost?
    If taken through FBISD the exam is free. If taken at the college you plan to attend, the exam cost varies between $29.00 and $50.00. 
    What happens if I do not meet the minimum standards?
    Students who do not meet State minimums on the TSI exam will be required to take non-credit bearing courses before s/he is able to enroll in a credit-bearing course. For example, if a student did not meet the minimum score required on the TSI in the reading section, the student would be required to take and pass a remedial English course before the student could enroll in college English 1301. 
    Passing TSI Scores
    Reading: 351
    Math: 350
    Writing: MC 340 Essay 4

    How do I study for the TSI Assessment? 

    • There is a free student app on the Accuplacer website
    • FBISD offers a free practice program in Edugenity. See Mrs. Nilsen for additional information. 

    How do I let my college know I have taken the TSI Assessment?

    • It is the student's responsibility to notify the college that she/he has taken the TSI Assessment
    • WHS is not allowed to send TSI scores to colleges on the student's behalf
    • Use this form to see how to notify different colleges in Texas- How to Send your TSI Scores to Colleges
      • If a college is not listed on the form, contact the college's testing center to inquire about how to have your scores pulled from the Accuplacer Cross Institutional Reporting Form