Willowridge Wall of Honor

  • Wall of Honor Logo

  • The Willowridge High School Wall of Honor was organized in the spring of 2006 to honor persons whose contributions have enriched the high school's academic and athletic programs.

    The purpose of the Wall of Honor is:

    *To recognize Willowridge's academic and athletic graduates, whose accomplishments during and after their high school careers have brought positive recognition and honor to the school.

    *To recognize those individuals who have demonstrated successful roles in public and/or private life after leaving Willowridge High School.
    *To recognize teachers, coaches, counselors, and administrators who have dedicated their lives to the betterment of the students of Willowridge High School.

    *To recognize those graduates and community residents who have worked tirelessly and continually volunteering and serving in the communities in which they live and work.

    Additionally, proceeds from the event will be used  for scholarships to be awarded to Willowridge High School seniors.

    Note: Any and all electronic donations to the Willowridge Wall of Honor must be made through this website's donation page.

Board of Directors

  • President: David Long
    Vice President: Darren Fulton
    Secretary: Elnora Thomas
    Asst. Secretary: Betty Morgan
    Treasurer: Erma Trevino

    Asst Treasurer: Audrey Williams
    Chaplain: David Sincere
    Ronda Aldridge
    Oscar Beltran

    Dolores Collins
    ​Mary Ford

    Devin Lancelin
    Frances Plummer
    Alice Washington
    Dr. Sharhonda Washington-Lewis