• To highlight the awards presented to our freshmen cadets in the past, here is the list of cadets who have been elected as Gung Ho. 


    ( Awarded to the most motivated freshman cadet)

    2022-2023: C/CPL Shane Metcalf

    2021-2022: C/CPL Jack Lyons 

    2020-2021: C/CPL Mauricio Estrada 

    2019-2020: C/CPL Rishita Bagga 

    2018-2019: C/CPL Keagan Huff 

    2017-2018: C/CPL Charlotte O. Ruggles 

    2016-2017: C/CPL Quinn Brandy 

    2015-2016: C/CPL Jenna Guerrero 

    2014-2015: C/CPL Grace Haban 

    2013-2014: C/CPL Evan Aranda 

    2012-2013: C/CPL Tyler Scotten