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    Course 1: World History AP  

    Course 2: World History AP  

    Course 3: World History AP     

    Course 4: World History AP    

    Course 5: Conference  

    Course 6: Sociology 

    Course 7: World History AP     

  •  Tutorial Schedule:

    After School:

    Tuesday & Thursday 2:45-3:30 PM

    (However, I am usually here most days so if students want to drop in whenever, they can)







Degrees and Certifications:

University of Texas at Austin B.S. Political Science Lamar University M.B.A

Mr. Seth Scheuerman

About Me

Hi Everyone,

    I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and having a great year together. I’ll get to know more about you as we progress through the year, but here’s a little about me.

    I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin a couple of years ago. While there, I enjoyed making short films and contributing at the university radio station and as a reporter. I worked in the state capital in Austin for two years before going into teaching. This is my fifth year teaching, and my first year teaching World History AP, and it has been fantastic integrating student’s backgrounds and their own histories into class and the lessons we do in class. 

    I am looking forward to meeting all of you and learning about your heritage and culture. We are going to have a great time this year!