Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Cuadros Noyola

Hello and welcome back to a new school year! My name is Alfredo Cuadros Noyola. I am a teacher at Ridge Point High School for both Physics and Astronomy.

This will be my third school year at Fort Bend ISD. 

A little bit about myself: I have an extensive background of 12 years in the broadcast television industry. In the past few years, I’ve decided to use my real-world experience to give back to the community. In fact, some of my former colleagues questioned my decision to switch careers towards an educational field, often claiming it’s a step down in salary and position. I did not join the TV industry to become rich and famous. My focus was then, as is now, to help others. Rest assured that I did not sign up for teaching for a salary, I really do enjoy making a difference in people’s lives.

My goal as a teacher is to help students succeed and use everyday science skills, not just in class, but beyond. From my brief time as a teacher, I’ve noticed that students ask why their work is meaningful or when they’ll ever use the specific material once they grow up. As a result, I have focused my lessons on the core essentials that could be used anywhere in life.

At their core, my lessons are based on:

1. Identifying problems, making observations, variables, and planning.

2. Collecting and interpreting data.

3. Effectively communicating findings to share with peers and in professional settings.


I am confident that we will have a good school year.

Feel free to reach out any time.


Alfredo Cuadros Noyola