• Letters of Recommendation 


    Teacher Letter of Recommendation Requests are OFFICIALLY entered in Naviance


    Follow the instructions below when you are ready to request a LOR from a KHS teacher. ONLY LORs from current KHS teachers are officially entered through Naviance.


    Seniors must follow the steps below before officially requesting a teacher letter of recommendation for a KHS teacher in Naviance.

    • Step 1: Research the letter of recommendation requirements for each college or university you are applying to. Letters of recommendation requirements are not consistent across Texas universities. Some colleges require them, and some colleges recommend them, some colleges do not require them at all.
    • Step 2: Speak with the teacher IN PERSON no less than three (3) weeksbefore YOUR deadline regarding the letter of recommendation. Provide the teacher with a copy of your resume.  
    • Step 3: Follow up with the teacher via email regarding the request. Be sure to thank the teacher and let the teacher know what date you would like the LOR to be submitted by.
    • Step 4: Make sure you have submitted your admissions application for the university. You cannot request a LOR in Naviance if you have not submitted your admission application yet. Submit the admission application, request the transcript in Naviance then you can complete step 5.
    • Step 5: Enter the LOR request in Naviance. Follow the video instructions below when request an LOR in Naviance. Remember you must have already submitted your admissions application and requested your transcript in Naviance BEFORE you enter the LOR request in Naviance. Naviance is the OFFICIAL LOR request site. Most all LORs are sent to the college by the teacher in Naviance. There are some colleges that to not accepted LORs via Naviance. If the college does not accepted LORs via Naviance, it will be noted on the LOR request screen. DO NOT REQUEST A LOR FOR ALL APPLICATIONS. REQUEST EACH SCHOOL INDIVIDUALLY! 



    There is not an outside link available for the Naviance Letter of Recommendation Request tutorial video above, there is a PDF step-by-step instructional guide avilable. 

    How to Request a Teacher Recommendation Letter in Naviance Student Guide


    Naviance is the OFFICIAL request for a letter of recommendation. Naviance is where teachers will upload letters of recommendation for colleges that have a computer icon in Naviance.

    If a college has a stamp symbol (Stamp Icon ) in Naviance the LOR is NOT sent through Naviance. It is the senior’s responsibility to know how the teacher needs to send the LOR to the university.
    Some universities will allow the student to upload the LOR to their online application status account, some universities will provide a spot to enter the recommenders email address in the student’s online account. The university will email the recommender the instructions on how to upload the LOR. Some universities will require the LOR to be mailed to the admissions office.
    Most teachers will not provide the student a copy of the LOR therefore, if the letter must be mailed the student should provide the teacher with a stamped, addressed envelop. Many universities have a “document cover page” that the student will also need to give the teacher.