Degrees and Certifications:

Special Education English 8-12 English as a Second Language Journalism 7-12 English 4-8

Ms. Denise Aljohar (Ousley)

Welcome to Applied English and Reading (Resource English and Project Read) at Travis High School. This is my third year teaching English at Travis. Previously, I taught and tutored students of all ages in Reading and Writing as well as other subjects. Prior to that, I wrote and published first-hand interview-based research. Literacy skills are essential for success and life-long fulfillment. I am excited to share with our terrific Tigers my penchant for adventuring through reading and writing.

  • Schedule 

    Period 1: Applied English I & (online) English IV 

    Period 2: Applied English II and III (online and face to face)

    Period 3: Applied English III & IV (online and face to face)

    Period 4: Conference period

    Period 5: Applied English III and Applied Reading I (online and face to face)

    Period 6: Applied English II and IV (online), Applied English III (face to face) 

    Period 7: Applied English II and Applied Reading II (Project Read) online