Message from the Principal

  • Hello Eagle Students and Families,


    The 2022-2023 school year promises to be one of endless possibilities for our Eagle Community.  Our students have opportunities to engage in college preparation courses, multiple clubs, activities, fine arts events, and sports.  Our staff works tirelessly to ensure they provide engaging lessons to help our students grow and succeed. 


    The focus for our school community is to provide a positive, safe environment where our students can grow and succeed academically, behaviorally, and socially.  To do that, we place high value on the following elements:


    ·       Communication among all stakeholders.

    ·       Collaboration among staff and parents to be solution oriented for the students’ best interest.

    ·       Authenticity: being transparent and honest in our interactions with students, staff, and parents.

    ·       Accountability:  holding everyone - students, staff, and parents to the standard of excellence we set for ourselves.


    We will also celebrate our excellence in academics, athletics, arts, and service.  Our students make an impact on our community every day and I want to highlight their achievements and impact. 


    To achieve all of this, it takes consistency among our staff and students to be on time for class, be prepared, and make good decisions every day.  Here are a few things we expect from our students:


    ·       Be to class on time - every period, every day. 

    ·       Be prepared in class - do their work; attend tutorials if needed

    ·       Do their best every day to be excellent on purpose - academically, behaviorally, and socially.


    We are excited about the endless possibilities that exist at Willowridge High School and are committed to focusing our work to do what is best for our children.





    Dr. Jennifer Roberts


    Willowridge High School