• Withdrawing your Student

  • If you are planning to relocate, please notify our office as soon as possible. At this time, we are processing withdrawls in person. The steps are listed below. 

    Kind Regards

    WHS Registrar Staff

  • Withdrawing your student 

    Withdrawal Process:

    End of School Year

    If your student does not return for the next school year, please let the Registrar know - Kenneth.Killings@fortbendisd.com or call 281-634-2450.

    Please ensure you return your student's laptop and recharger cord to avoid a charge of $650.


    For withdrawals after the first day of school:

    Email: Mrs. Andrea Goods at andrea.goods@fortbendisd.com
    Include your student's name / your driver's license / and the school your student will be attending
    We will require you to complete an Intent to Withdraw form
    We will provide withdrawal paperwork with a transcript for the new school.
    Please ensure your student's laptop and charger are returned or make a payment of $650.00.
    If your student has an internet hotspot, that also needs to be returned.