• Enrolling your student in Willowridge High school

    You will need to complete the following steps to start the enrollment process for your student to come to Willowridge High School.

    Check that you are zoned to Willowridge High School

    Do this by going to Infofinder on the Fort Bend ISD website: http://www.infofinderi.com/tfi/address.aspx?cid=FBI-2B3JIB4YNDI

    Parent Shortcuts / Bus Locator 

    Enter your address and your student's grade level and your zoned school will appear.

    If you have a new home on a newly developed street or any other questions, you are welcome to call Transportation on 281-634-4077.

    1 -   Please begin the registration process by completing the Online Enrollment Application found on the Fort Bend ISD website, Online Enrollment Application.

    You will be required to set up an account, and you will receive an email to set up a password.

    • Please write down your login and password.
    • This is also how you will see your student's transcript, grades, attendance, report cards, teacher comments, assignments, etc.
    • At the beginning of each year you need to "verify" your student's enrollment and approve use of technology, change email addresses, phone numbers and emergency pick-up people.

    2 -   Gather the following documents:

    1.  Deed or Lease to your residence
    2.  Recent Utility Bill (Gas, Water, or Electric) with name, service address, and dates listed
    3.  Current Valid Texas Driver's License with the same address as deed/lease
    4.  Student's Birth Certificate
    5.  Student's Social Security Card
    6.  Student's Immunization Records - see Immunization Requirements on FBISD website:
    7.  Withdrawal Form from Former School - Not required in summer    
    8.  Transcript or Report Card from Former School(s)
    9.  Incoming 9th Graders: Report Card from 8th grade to show a student is being promoted if going into 9th grade AND 7th and 8th Grade Report Cards if the student took high school courses for credit

    If you do not have a lease in your name, you may require Dual Residency paperwork and if you are not on the student's birth certificate you may need Power of Attorney paperwork.  Please ask so that we can provide the relevant paperwork.  This paperwork is required to be renewed at the beginning of every school year.

    3 -   Once you have completed the online registration, contact the Registrar's Office at 281-634-2471 to set up an appointment to complete the registration process.

    Students cannot be absent on the first day of school by Texas Education Agency ruling; your student will need to be enrolled before 10.30 am to start that day.
    The Parent/Legal Guardian must be present for the enrollment process.