• Need to request a Transcirpt? 


    Please submit your request in SchoolLinks using the link below:


    How to register and request a transcript in SchoolLinks

    Registering your account:

    1 – Visit  https://app.schoolinks.com/onboarding/district_alum/XVZRWV/ 

    2 – Sign up as a member

    3 – Sign up with an e-mail

    4 – Join your High School Network

    5 – Complete the Alumni School District Affiliation Page

    6 – Click My Transcript is the top center of the screen

    7 – Request the transcript that best fits your needs


    Requesting an Official Transcript:

    1 – Click Send Official Transcript

    2 – Upload a photo with your ID visible for verification purposes

    3 – Choose where the transcript should be sent

    ·         Most times, this will be College Address and you can begin typing the college and it will auto populate the information for you.


  • NOTE - An official transcript cannot be released to a student/guardian.   It must be sent directly to the appropriate agency (school, scholarship, employer, etc) by the Registrar's Office. We can provide an unofficial transcript for your use.