• FBISD School Health Services is dedicated to creating a culture of wellness that supports student success.

    A Registered Nurse and Licensed Vocational Nurse are assigned to each high school campus.The school nurse assists students' physical, mental and social growth by providing a health services program that assesses, evaluates and improves the health of students and staff.

    Please contact your school nurse regarding your student's health issues and concerns, hospitalizations and/or treatment changes.


    Medications should be given at home if possible.  Medications that are given during school hours must be provided by the parent in the original container.  Students are not allowed to carry medications except in case of a life-threatening condition such as asthma or anaphylaxis (accompanied by a Permission to Carry form). Over the counter medications must be accompanied by the Permission to administer medication form signed by a parent each school year.  No more than 15 administrations can be given unless accompanied by a physician's signature. All prescription medications must also include a physician's signature.  Medications will be counted by clinic staff and parent.
    Illness while at school

    Students should not be sent to school if they are ill.  If a student should become ill while at school they must come to the clinic with a pass and sign in upon arrival at the clinic.  Students will not be allowed to remain in school if they have:
    • temperature of 100.0 degrees or higher (without fever reducing medicine)
    • vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • undetermined rash
    • feel too ill to remain at school
    Parents will be contacted to pick up their ill child.  If parent is unavailable, the person you designated on your student's emergency form will be notified to pick up the child. Upon returning to school after an illness, the parent must send in a written excuse note to the attendance office within five days.  In the event of an emergency requiring transportation to a hospital, a school representative will remain with your child until the parent/guardian arrives. 

    Email Communication

    The clinic uses SNAP for school health record management.   The software can aid in parent communication via email.  For confidentiality purposes the emails are encrypted—a password is required to access the email.  Most parents were sent the password when receiving the first SNAP email.  Parents can request the nurse re-send the password.  Please keep this password in a secure location as it will remain the password throughout the remainder of your child’s education in FBISD.


    Texas colleges require that all incoming freshmen receive a meningitis (MCV4)  vaccination within five years of the first day of college.  All college freshmen should have had their most recent immunization after 9/1/14.  Bring your updated shot record to the school clinic so that your school shot record can be updated.  A shot record will be included with your diploma.

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