• The Choral Music program is designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive skills and qualities of all students.  Musical opportunities are provided for every child to learn the basic skills of singing, reading music, developing song repertoire, broadening listening skills and experiencing the interrelated nature of music with other cultures and content areas.

    Our classes are designed for students to apply musical skills as they continue to create and experience music as a musical ensemble.  Students will continue developing mastery of solfege, major and minor scales, and singing in 3 and 4 part harmonies. Students will convey musical interpretation with the use of dynamics and phrasing, while incorporating facial expression and movement for refined presentation.  Students will understand how a musical composition is structured through listening and analysis.  Students will be able to aurally and visually identify repetition in musical scores. Students will continue to develop an understanding and appreciation of the differences in music from other cultures and the connections music brings to the human race, places through out our world and different times through out history.  The topics in this class will provide a strong basis for them to be life long participants in music, enhance their work ethic, provide opportunities to work as a team, and help to foster individual growth socially and emotionally.

Director of Choirs

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