YES Club

  • The Y.E.S. (Youth Expanding Service) program and club at George Bush High School promotes student participation in contributing and giving back to the community. The very purpose of YES is to encourage and expose a continued spirit of volunteerism that allows students to help in their community and earn hours towards recognition at graduation to signify their dedication to community service. This program allows students to give back to the community through direct involvement with various organizations, while recognizing those who have made a difference.

    Our purpose is to promote character and the ability to serve the community in which the student lives, and to build a positive attitude and working relationship with the school. Students who choose to continue their education will benefit as well from this program as colleges are seeking students with community volunteerism atop of academics.
    The service performed may be any work that is voluntary, service-oriented, with no monetary compensation. A total of 100 hours or more must be documented in order to receive recognition upon graduation. Students may start accumulating hours from the beginning of freshman year until their senior year graduation. All documented community service through the YES Club program will be available for members to export and obtain a printable record for college or job application usage.  

    Meetings:  Every other Thursday from 2:45 - 3:30