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    Peer Assistance and Leadership, is a program for juniors and seniors that demonstrates leadership abilities, and focuses on building areas in active listening , and communication skills throughout the school year. Any student wishing to become a PAL during the next school year of 2021-22, must apply and undergo a interviewing process in March 2021.
    Once a student is accepted into the PAL program, they must participate in training exercises that promotes team building and mentoring skills. All PALs will serve as a mentor for our feeder pattern schools.
    All PAL students will be required to attain at least 50 hours minimum of community service hours by May 1, 2020. This extends exposure to the needs of our community and creating a solution that will have a positive influence.  

    Mentoring Off-Campus Days: Held during 5th Period (Schedule may change due to events)

    Tuesdays                    Blueridge Elementary School               
    Wednesdays               Briargate Elementary School
    Thursdays                  Early Childhood Center Ridgemont Elementary School 
    PAL Meetings
    Every 1st Monday and 3rd Monday of each month during 5th period
    Study Hall Day
    Every 2nd Monday and 4th Monday of each month or when needed. 

    Upcoming Events:           

    No Place for Hate Kick Off Event September 24th, Homecoming Events, Junior Achievement @ Lantern Lane and Briargate Elementary Schools, EagLe Spotlight Talent Show Part II, Toys for Tots,  and the new! PALS JA Company!

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