• Quartiles & Rank

    Often, colleges will ask you what quartile you are in, or you may need it to see if you qualify for automatic admission into a specific university. See the information below for a quick and easy way to understand and calculate what quarter you in.

    Quartiles are 25% segments (think quarters)

    1 – 25% = 1st Quartile

    26 – 50% = 2nd Quartile

    51 – 75% = 3rd Quartile

    76 – 100% = 4th Quartile

    How to Calculate Your Quartile
    A student is number 322 out of 552
    Divide 322/552 = .583333 or 58.3333
    Always round up. For this example the student is 59%. Had the calculation came back at .58 exactly then the student would have been 58% but since quotient was .583333 when you change it into a percentage you must round up to the next whole number. Therefore 58.333%= 59%. 
    The student is in the 3rd quartile