• RTMS Student ID Badges

    The following are the FBISD guidelines on ID’s, which also includes consequences pertaining to various ID infractions.


    Wearing Student Badges

    All students are required to visibly display their Student ID badge during normal school hours while on campus. The badge must be worn above the waist with the student’s picture clearly visible. Exceptions are afforded for students participating in vigorous activity related to recess or a PE credit class.


    Student Badge Use

    Student badges provide access to services within the building, including the following access/check-ins:

    • Cafeteria meal payments
    • Library services
    • Entrance to campus events (dances, pep rallies, )
    • Entrance to games


    Student Badge Replacement

    There are several reasons a student might need a replacement badge and no badge replacement fee will be required for the following circumstances:

    • Student enrolls at a new campus
    • Student appearance changes significantly
    • Legal name change


    Students are expected to turn in their old ID when a new one is provided.

    Students who lose their badge will be offered temporary identification. If the old badge cannot be located, replacement fees may be required.


    Temporary Identification – Secondary Students Only

    If a secondary student arrives at school without a badge, they will be given a temporary wristband to wear during the school day at the beginning of their first period on campus. The student must wear the wristband all day. The student’s name is recorded by the issuing staff member to assist with tracking.



    1st-3rd Offense

    • Recorded in Skyward but not a referral
    • Student given temporary wristband

    4th Offense

    • Recorded as discipline referral consequence assigned
    • Parent contact
    • Student pays $5 for new printed badge

    5th Offense and Beyond

    • Recorded as discipline referral and detention assigned
    • Parent contact
    • Student pays $5 for new printed badge



    1st-2nd Offense

    • Recorded as discipline referral in Skyward and detention assigned
    • Student pays $5 for new printed badge
    • Parent Contact

    3rd Offense- Beyond

    • Recorded as discipline referral additional consequences assigned
    • Parent Contact
    • Student pays $5 for new badge
    • Assigned ISS


    All fees will be entered and collected through RevTrak.






    If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any administrator.