• Welcome to the Thundercat Orchestra!

    My name is James Cavazos and I am the Director of Orchestra here at RTMS.

    What is orchestra?
    In orchestra, we learn instruments that have been around for centuries and perform a variety of music. We attend and perform concerts for large ensembles, chamber music and solos. In addition to our UIL events, we go on different trips like The Texas Renaissance Festival, The Houston Symphony and The Houston Grand Opera throughout the year.
    Why orchestra?
    We develop meaningful friendships and learn how to work together as a team to succeed and excel in performances in orchestra. We learn the arts of Passion, Practice and Perseverance, and we take PRIDE in our work.
    Whichever music class you choose, it is my hope you will experience the awesome, inspiring power of music and let it enrich your life as it has mine.
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