• Thundercat FAQ's

    What is a Thundercat?
    Our school was named in honor of Fort Bend ISD band director Ronald Thornton of Willowridge High School. "Thunder" represents the thunderous sound created by the WHS band and "cats" represents his college mascots -  Panthers, Tigers and Cougars. These two were combined in tribute to him and the innovative musical sound that made him legendary.


    Will I be able to sit with my friends at lunch?
    Yes, the lunches are roughly split by grade level. There are no assigned seats, so you may sit where ever you'd like. 


    Can carry my backpack all day?
    Yes, you may carry your backpack with you to each class. 


    What happens if I am tardy to class?
    Each time you are tardy, your parents get an automatic email from Skyward. When you get your 4th tardy, you are sent to the office so we can help you develop a plan to make sure it doesn't happen again. Your education is important and being in the class is part of that. Did you know, you can walk around the entire building, including stopping to use the restroom and opening a locker in under five minutes? You have five minutes from class to class, so it should be plenty of time for you to safely get there. 


    Do I have to take gym?
    Yes, you have to take gym unless you choose to take Kickstart, a karate class offered through our school. We believe that part of your education should include a healthy lifestyle. 



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