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  • Welcome to the FSMS Orchestra Program!

    The FSMS Orchestra program strives to grow each student member into their best selves. Our students achieve some of the highest levels of performance in the state and enjoy a national reputation of excellence. We want our students to learn the importance of good work habits, responsibility, self-discipline, and teamwork and carry these chacteristics over into their daily life.
    Students do not need to have any prior musical experience to be a successful member of the FSMS Orchestra.
    We teach all students from those who have never played to those who have played for years. Come learn with us!
    Our instruments also come in a variety of sizes so that children as young as three years old can learn from a violin all the way to a bass, depending on their preference.
    If your student already plays one of our instruments, please sign up for your grade level appropriate course (listed below). Directors will contact all new students for either an instrument interview or an audition.
    6th grade: Orchestra I
    7th grade: Orchestra II
    8th grade: Orchestra III
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    Things You Learn Playing a String Instrument