Student Tips - DO

    • Purchase a FSMS wooden locker shelf.  It will last you all three years of middle school.  They were designed specifically for FSMS lockers.
    • Use a zipper pouch to hold your writing utensils and small school supplies
    • Empty your backpack each morning and roll it up and place it in your locker.  Backpacks will not fit in your locker properly if it is full and can lead to jamming your locker.
    • If you want to put money into your lunch account, please do it online or before school.  Please know that it will take 24 hours before the new balance is reflected on your account.
    • For the first few days of school, the lunch lines are really long, so it may be a good idea to bring your lunch the first couple of days.
    • Please purchase your gym suit online.  Students must “dress out” for PE every day.
    • It is not required, but it is a good idea to keep a pair of tennis shoes in your PE locker.
    • Please drop off students no later than 8:45 each morning to ensure they have time to go to their locker and make it to the first period of the day on time.
    • Please pick up students, or be in line, by 4:10 each afternoon.  Students need to be off campus by 4:15 unless they are attending tutorials, clubs or athletic practice.

Student Tips - DO NOT

    • Do not use plastic or metal locker shelves in the locker.  They do not fit properly and can often jam the locker.  Also they don’t last very long.
    • Do not use hard plastic pencil boxes to hold supplies.  When they are dropped and spill, they create a safety hazard for students in the hall and on the stairs.
    • Do not use binders that are larger than 2 inches (including zipper binders) unless you plan on carrying them the entire day.  They do not fit in the lockers properly and can often jam or damage the lockers.
    • Do not use stickers or any type of adhesive in the lockers.  Do not write in the lockers (even with dry erase markers).
    • Do not hang anything (mirror, dry erase board, etc.) above the locking mechanism on the inner locker doors as it will damage the lock and jam the locker.
    • Do not bring large backpacks or backpacks with wheels to school.  They will not fit in the locker and will damage or jam the locker.
    • Do not bring all school supplies the first day of school. You will only need a folder with paper and pens/pencils.
    • Do not wait until lunch to put money in your lunch account.  
    • Do not bring books into the lunch line.  You must put them on a table before getting in line.
    • Do not worry about tardies the first week of school!

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