Fort Settlement Middle School Choir

  • Fort Settlement Middle School has four choirs.  The choir curriculum covers fundamental concepts for choral music. These concepts include: music theory, posture, the breathing process, a varied choral repertoire, and an aggressive approach to sight-reading .  At Fort Settlement Middle School, there is an in-depth study of choral literature in different languages covering the Baroque Period,Classical Period and Twentieth Century. Genres' such as pop and show style are not excluded. The four choirs include Beginning Choir, Advanced Treble, Boy's Choir, and Varsity Treble.  In accordance with district policy there is no audition for beginning choir at the middle school level; however, all other choirs require an audition for participation.  In addition to the rigor of the courses, choir is an enriching experience in which students' gain character building and creative skills that will carry them into the collegiate level and beyond. 

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