• Welcome all wizards and muggles to Harry Potter Club!

    All other HP Club information can be found in our Schoology Group (code given in meetings). We will meet in Teams and all meetings will begin at 4:45 PM (links are posted in the calendar in Schoology). 

    Use the code to join the Schoology Group: ZNHV-4DHJ-BNRVQ


    Here are the following meeting dates for Spring 2021 (Check Schoology for updates): 

    • jANUARY 27 - Harry Potter Gimkit

    • FEBRUARY 24 - TBD

    • MARCH 31 - TBD

    • April 28 - TBD


    The FSMS Harry Potter Club was established to celebrate everything in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.  It is open to all students (wizards and muggles alike) who love Harry Potter.  We do crafts, play Quidditch and other games, do service projects, and have a ton of fun!  So, whether you have memorized the books and have watched every movie, or whether you are just getting started - we would love to have you join the fun!