• Thank you for your interest in the Theatre Program here at Fort Settlement Middle School! We have developed a system which allows students to experience theatre in unique ways. Our hope is that if a student is drawn to these disciplines, they will not only be introduced to the subjects, but also have opportunities which will better prepare them for excellence in theatre as well as daily communication when they graduate from middle school.
    • Develops students’ writing, speaking, and creative self-expression
    • Teaches students to imagine, explore, create, and share in front of others, as well as reinforce self-confidence and empathy
    • Teaches concentration, cooperation, collaboration, listening, interpretation, personal creativity, and new ways of looking at the same information
    • Addresses multiple intelligences, particularly Spatial, Mathematical, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Inter-personal, Linguistic and Intrapersonal
    • STEAM - GT and all students thrive through open-ended creativity, project-based curriculum, as well as through the interdisciplinary nature of theatre
    • Powerful method for developing literacy for ESL students
    • IT’S FUN!!!