• Instrument Selection & Interview Process (2021-2022)

    We are glad you are a part of the orchestra! In order to complete our school schedules, students must select an instrument. The instrument selected will determine which class period the student will be assigned. Remember - no prior experience in music is necessary!

    Step #1 - Meet the String Instruments
    Step #2 - Fill out the Student/Parent Survey
    Step #3 - Read through our "Frequently Asked Questions"
    Step #4 - Sign up and reserve your appointment time for a director interview.
    In this TEAMS meeting you will be interviewed by the directors and measured for your instrument selection. Be sure to have a tape measure handy for ease of siziing. Each student and one of their parents/guardians should sign up to attend one meeting per student enrolled. After your interview, the directors will work with your counselors to properly place each student in the correct instrument course.
    Be sure to have completed Steps #1-3 before your meeting with the directors.
    Step #5 - Read the provided information below regarding reserving/renting your instrument. Then research, select, and reserve your rental with one of the two companies suggested here. (These are by no means the only options in our area, but two of the vendors that have the best reputation with families in our program.)
    We highly encourage you to rent your student's instrument. Instruments are best rented because:
    • the high quality of the instrument is guaranteed
    • the instrument will be correctly set up to work its best and prioritize your student's learning
    • customer service
      • delivery to FSMS for your orchestra director to tune it, tape it, and get it to your student
      • repairs and string replacements are covered by your rental
      • package pricing for the instrument rental and other required supplies for orchestra
        • Yes, you will need all of the supplies and accessories these vendors list.
        • If they are well cared for all of these supplies should last your student the next few years.
      • easy instrument trade-ups for size or quality as your student grows and progresses

    If you have questions about the "old family instrument in the closet," an online purchase (please do not purchase a Cecilio or Mendini instrument), or another local vendor you would like to work with, please contact the orchestra directors.


    Lisle Violin Shop

    Fishburn Violin Shop


    *Although both of these companies have "violin" in the name, they will rent violins, violas, cellos, and basses.
    *If you have selected the harp, please wait for an email with specific information regarding harp rentals and lesson teachers.