• Materials: Performing Ensembles

    Camerata, Allegro, Concertino, Philharmonic, Sinfonia, and Chamber


    We are excited to see you and continue our adventure in orchestra. Your directors are working hard and collaborating across the district to ensure you get lessons that will grow and challenge your musical abilities. To ensure that we are all prepared for learning at home, please make sure that you have the following items at home. There are several other items to purchase from your favorite school supply store. We have provided Amazon links for ease of demonstrating products, but it should not be seen a promotion of the specifically linked product or of Amazon. Please check below, carefully, for your student’s needs.



    • Music Stand
    • Rosin for your instrument
    • Tuner/Metronome Device (Korg Tuner or any other combo device)
    • Soft cloth for cleaning your instrument after use (a clean, old t-shirt works fine)
    • Rock Stop (Cello and Bass only)
    • Soft cloth for cleaning your instrument after use (a clean, old t-shirt works fine)
    • 1” thick, BLACK, hard cover, 3-ring binder (no transparent cover sleeves)
      • Pencil bag – inside the binder
      • One highlighter, any color – in the binder pencil bag
      • Two pencils with good erasers – in the binder pencil bag
      • Five-page dividers inside the binder (labeled: 1-Practice, 2-Scales and Warm-ups, 3-Theory and Homework, 4-Music, 5-Evaluations/Assessments)
      • Notebook paper (about 40 sheets) – inside the binder


    • Be sure that you have an adjustable bench (like this piano bench) or a chair without arms that puts you at a balanced seated height so that your knees are slightly lower than the hips when seated


    • A yoga block for left leg (like this one, 4”x 6” x 9”)
    • Adjustable/Foldable black stool (a few options are linked below).
      • Option 1 (pick a height that fits your student’s standing measurement from the floor to half way up the thigh)
      • Option 2 (available from Lisle or Fishburn for less than is listed on this Amazon link, you may call these rental stores and ask for the sliding, adjustable stool)
      • Option 3 – anything else, without arms, at the correct height for your student, that would be easily movable and transportable