• This page no longer contains updated or relevant information pertaining to our Club or Team. However, due to its significane to our past, we have kept the page in homage and as a historical record. 

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Old Homepage (Archived)

  • KSDS Kempner Speech and Debate Team
    The Kempner Speech & Debate Team has been active since Kempner opened in 1988. Since its founding, the team has grown into a state-winning, national-qualifying team.
    Debate events: Congressional Debate, Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas,  Policy Debate (CX)
    Speaking Events: Extemporaneous, Original Oratory
    Acting Events: Prose, Poetry, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Duet Interpretation


    Educational Benefits:

    Students who are involved in forensics have a number of advantages over their peers:

    ·         They demonstrate higher levels of critical thinking and intellectual curiosity.

    ·         They typically score higher on standardized tests and classroom assessments.

    ·         They are more likely to graduate from high school and more likely to go on to college.

    ·         They are more likely to earn at least one graduate degree.

    Personal Benefits:

    Students who are involved in forensics garner a number of personal benefits:

    ·         They are more likely to be self-confident and independent.

    ·         They tend to feel more included and accepted socially.

    ·         They often view their team as a surrogate family, offering affirmation and support during the tumultuous teenage years.


    The effects of forensics extend far beyond the competitors. Communities which foster debate and speech programs grow as a direct result of the team:

    ·         They have a supportive base of parents and volunteers who are committed to the community.

    ·         They retain citizens who are passionate about their communities and anxious to get involved.

    They see increases in community cohesion and accountability. This is especially true when forensics is used as a tool for intervention.
  • Coach Jared White