• Missed School? What to do when your student is absent with email and hand holding pen icon

Missed School?

  • Within 5 school days after the absence:

    • Email an absence note to the school's attendance clerk
    • Turn in the absence note once the student returns to school

    Absence notes must be received by the Attendance Office within 5 days of returning to school, or it will result in an unexcused absence. Parents can attach supporting documents, such as doctor's notes, to absence note emails.

  • Attendance Contacts:

    • Samaria Smith - ADA Clerk
      • Alpha Split: (A-G)
      • Phone: (281) 634-5251
      • E-mail
    • Lindakari Garcia - ADA Clerk
      • Alpha Split: (H-M)
      • Phone: (281) 634-6098
      • E-mail
    • Maliena Mack - ADA Clerk
      • Alpha Split: (N-Z)
      • Phone: (281) 634-5274
      • E-mail
    • Eric Edwards - Drop Out Prevention
      • Truancy Concerns & Questions
      • Phone: (281) 634-8585
      • E-mail

High School Attendance Counts!

  • Daily attendance in school is a strong indicator of future success.

    Per the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook provided by Texas Education Agency, a student is considered either present or absent at the official attendance-taking time, known as snapshot.

    Each campus attendance is determined by the number of students present at this important designated snapshot time. The high school snapshot time is 10:00 a.m.

    To ensure academic engagement and successful learning, all students should be present daily by snapshot and remain academically engaged all day. 

Attendance Policies and Procedures

  • The district attendance policies and procedures can be found in the FBISD Student/Parent Handbook.



    Class period that does NOT contain the official attendance time (10:00 a.m.):

    If the student arrives to a class period up to 20 minutes past class start, the student will be marked Tardy for that class period. 

    Class period that does contain the official attendance time (10:00 a.m.):

    If the student arrives to a class period up to 20 minutes late of the class start time, but before the official attendance time, the student will be marked Tardy for that class period.

    If the student arrives to a class period after the first 20 minutes of the class start time, but before the official attendance time, the student will be marked Late for that class period.


    Arriving Late to School

    Students who arrive at school after school has started and have missed a class period and/or more than half of the period once arrived will be marked absent for those periods by their teacher.

    Repeated tardies may be subject to a disciplinary referral.


    Leaving School Early 

    No student may be picked up after 2:20 PM.


    Our office is now paperless! If you are submitting a doctor’s note, you may scan or take a picture of the note and email it to us at the Submit Absence Note link listed above.

    • All Excuse Notes (parent, doctor, court, etc.) MUST be emailed within five (5) days of returning to school in order to count as excused.
    • The following reasons will be excused:
      • Illness
      • Doctor Visit
      • Medical Reasons
      • Family Death
      • Religious
      • Court
      • Truancy Diversion Program
      • College Visit - 2 per year - 11th & 12th Graders Only - College Documentation Required.
      • *Explained Family Emergencies will only be excused if approved by Grade Level Principal.
    • The following are NOT valid excuses and will be entered at Unexcused Absences:
      • Family Vacation
      • Car-Traffic Issue
      • Power Outage
      • Overslept
      • Missed Bus
      • Family Emergency without Explanation*.
      • *Unexplained Family Emergencies will not be excused. 
    • Absences of four (4) consecutive days or more MUST have doctor's note to be considered excused. Shorter absences due to illness can be excused with a parent note.
    • Students entering campus who DO NOT CHECK IN and/or students leaving campus who DO NOT SIGN OUT at the Attendance Office will not be excused for their absence.
    • Students with Parking permit Early Dismissal or Authorize pick up by Non-Guardian:  
      • Parent note needs to be received by Attendance Clerk before school for verification with copy of Parent/Guardian's ID to dismiss student early or email to Attendancehhs@fortbendisd.com.
    • Anticipated absence of 3 or more days:
      • Parent note needs to be processed prior to absence with the student's assistant principal
      • Anticipated Absence Form must be completed & reviewed for Approval.
    • 90% Rule: State Law requires a student to be in attendance a minimum or 90% of the days the class is scheduled to meet. If a student is in attendance less than 90% of the days the class meets, the student will not earn credit for the class until attendance is made up in an acceptable and approved manner.
    • If you receive a call/email that your child was marked absent in class and feel this was done in error, please have the student talk to or email the teacher about changing the absence.  If an error is made, the teacher will email a correction to the attendance office.