Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. from U.T.E.P. M. Ed. from University of St. Thomas Secondary Classroom Teacher in the discipline of English Language Arts and Reading Grades (8-12) with English as a Second Language Supplemental

Ms. Salas


Greetings! This year I will be teaching English II AAC 

at L.V. Hightower H.S. within the PTECH program. This

will be my tenth year in education and my second year

within FBISD. I am most excited to learn and grow as

teacher within a new district and campus. My son 

and I endeavored to Houston in 2012, from El Paso,

Texas. Glad to say, as Robert Frost wrote, "I doubted

if I should ever come back. I took the one less traveled

by, / And that has made all the difference". Wherever

I may roam, I love fostering communities of life-long 

learners, establishing my very own academic "army"

of brilliant minds, which respectively, I hope will make

the world a better place to thrive in.


Teacher Schedule

1st period:  English II AAC

2nd period: English II AAC

3rd period: English II 

4th period: Conference

5th period: English II AAC

6th period: English II AAC

7th period: PLC

8th period: English II


I hold tutorials on Tuesdays and Thursday from 6:45-7:15AM

or as requested by student.


“My love is thine to teach. Teach it but how, and thou

shalt see how apt it is to learn. Any hard lesson that

may do thee good" (Much Ado About Nothing 1.1.251-253).