• Student ID Badging System

    FBISD has implemented the ScholarChip student and staff badging system that will allow us to know in real time, when students and staff enter and leave campus and other FBISD facilities. As students enter their assigned campus each day, they will swipe the badge at the high-speed kiosk to gain entry into the building. The system will alert monitoring staff of students who are not enrolled at the campus or have been expelled or suspended. Badges will be deactivated as students withdraw or graduate from their current campus. Students will also use their badges for library checkout and cafeteria meal payments.


    • Students are required to wear their student ID every day around their neck.
    • Each grade level will have an assigned RTMS colored lanyard.
      • Grade 6 – Gold
      • Grade 7 – White
      • Grade 8 - Purple
    • Student IDs must remain in the plastic sleeve.
    • Student ID pictures must be visible and may not be covered or marked through. (This will result is having to buy a replacement ID.)
    • Student IDs cannot be bent, broken, or hole-punched as this deactivates the card. (This will result is having to buy a replacement ID.)



    Students who forget their ScholarChip student ID must secure a temporary ID from the Assistant Principals Office before their first class of the day. Temporary IDs must be returned by the end of the day. 


    Students who utilize the temporary ID program need to review the following consequences:

    • 4th temporary ID: lunch detention (1 day)
    • 5th temporary ID: lunch detention (2 days)
    • 6th temporary ID: after school detention (1 day)
    • 7th or more temporary ID: after school detention (2 days)


    Consequences start over every nine weeks. 


    Replacement IDs are available for purchase in the Counselors Suite for $5.