Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Bernadette Davis

Hello everyone, 

I am Bernadette Davis, and I will teach 8th Grade Social Studies - U.S. History at Lake Olympia Middle School. I am excited by this opportunity to join the Lake Olympia faculty and teach a course that I am passionate about. I have taught for the past 15 years in Florida and now in Texas. During my tenure in education, I have taught at the Middle School level and taught World History, Civics and Government, and U.S. History.

History is my passion, and I strive to bring that passion to the classroom. I genuinely believe that History and Social Studies can inspire and motivate young learners who are very curious about the society they live in. My purpose as an educator is to equip the learners I instruct with the knowledge needed to become informed citizens who take the responsibilities of citizenship seriously and make impactful contributions to the country and the world. Most importantly, I love young people and want to help them to become their best version. 

I am a lifelong learner with a B.A. in Sociology and a Master's in History. In my spare time, I work with non-profit organizations to create a Civics curriculum for young people who are homeschooled and who attend extracurricular clubs like Young Leaders of Tomorrow. I also like to go on kayaking and water tubing trips with my family and crochet; it relaxes me. 

I look forward to a productive and enjoyable Lake Olympia Middle School school year. 

Yours in Service

Bernadette Davis, MRes.