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Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Chandra Duckworth, M.ED, PH.D

I am a proud graduate of Texas Southern University with a Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice.  I have a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from Grand Canyon University. I have a doctorate in Psychology(Biblical Model) from Houston Bible College.  I had dreams of becoming a lawyer and having a career in the criminal justice field.  However, it did not take much for me to change my path. I always desired to make a change in young people's lives and teaching was the way to do it. I have taught 6th grade Math and 7th grade Math.  I spent the majority of my educational career in Houston ISD and worked for the charter school systems.  I am SUPER excited about being a part of the Fort bend ISD family and the Lake Olympia Middle School Family.  I am currently teaching 7th Grade General Math and 7th Grade Math Lab.   It is important that students become lovers of learning. I have high expectations for all students in my class but feel it is important to let students know that failure is a part of learning.  I am a firm believer that struggles strengthen us and that we push through the challenges to reach our goals in life.  I am so happy to shape and mold the lives of young thinkers. 

My objective is to create life-long learners while impacting my students through a positive and effective educational experience.  I believe ALL students can learn, but students do learn differently.  Math is one of the most feared subjects and I want to change students' approach to engaging in mathematics. I offer a safe and engaging mathematical experience in my classroom.  I want students to see exactly where they will need the skills they learn in mathematics in their real-world experiences.  Making this connection to the real world, makes math make sense to students who may see there is no need for math in their world.  I look forward to educating your students and changing their way of approaching mathematics. 


My email address is:  chandra.duckworth@fortbendisd.com 

Room 1518

Phone: 281-634-3520




  • Period 1: Conference                                
    Period 2: Math 7th Grade General ED                              
    Period 3: Math 7th Grade General ED/ICS                      
    Period 4: PLC Planning Period                              
    Period 5: Math 7th Grade General ED 
    Period 0: Advisory 7th Grade                      
    Period 6: Math 7th Grade Math Lab                      
    Period 7: Math 7th Grade Math Lab



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