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Ms. Zenobia (Zee) Pressley

6th Grade English Language Arts


Welcome to Lake Olympia Middle School 6th Grade English Language Arts (ELA).  I am Zenobia (Zee) Pressley.  I am excited to have both parents and students join me as we veture and grow our English Language Arts Skills. I believe teacher, parent, and student collaboration is the best combination for student success.  Working together will yield the best results.  I am a teacher who believes in providing learning tools, and facilitating a learning experience that students will be proud to own.  My belief is that education is a gift parents and teachers can give our children that will last for generations. 

In sharing a little about me.  I have been an educator for 22 years.  This year I will be celebrating my 5th year in public education.  Over the years, I have taught students from age two, to forty-two.  Teaching is my passion.  I also enjoy learning.  I have found that students can often be the best teachers.  My students have taught me how to be a good listener, and to listen to more than the spoken words, but also to implications, such as the sleepy eyes of students who did not get enough rest, or a rumbling belly.  I have learned to pay attention to my wide-eyed and bushy tails, and encourage them to hop through lessons, rather than be stuck in the twigs of boredom.  There is always more to challenge little minds.

My class, whether virtual or in person is personable.  Every student has a story, and every story deserves a beautiful end.  I want to be a part of your student’s success story.  I am excited about our upcoming year.

Looking for to grooming your minds.


Ms. Zenobia (Zee) Pressley