About Counseling

  • Professional School Counselors are available at First Colony Middle School to provide a Comprehensive Developmental Guidance Program and services for all students in the areas of:

    • Guidance Curriculum - In an effort to help students develop competence in essential life skills
    • Responsive Services - Provide intervention for immediate personal/social/emotional concerns
    • Individual Planning - Provide guidance to help students plan, monitor, and manage their personal, educational and career goals, and facilitate transition activities for post-secondary education and/or training
    • System Support - Support campus staff, parents, and the community to promote the educational, career, personal, and social development of students, as well as the Developmental Guidance Program


  • SchooLinks is your district's post-secondary planning platform with over 80 Features to support students and counseling staff. 


    SchooLinks is a modern, college and career readiness platform to help students discover their interests and strengths and prepare them for what comes after graduation. SchooLinks is accessible by 6th-12th grade students, their parents and guardians, and school staff.


    Students can:

    • Take swipeable surveys and quizzes to learn more about your interests and what careers might be right for you.
    • Research careers and watch mentor videos to help you navigate the college and career planning process.
    • Explore college profiles to learn information about campus life, the student body, and more.
    • Learn about financial literacy and how decisions you make can financially impact you after you graduate.
    • Find internships, volunteer opportunities, and scholarships offered in your area.


    Students login to SchooLinks via (Clever, Classlink)


    Staff can:

    • Centralize all student info in one place (course plans, resumes, transcripts, scores, etc)
    • Create targeted events and invite students that showed interest in particular information sessions, college rep visits, and job fairs
    • Post internships and scholarships local to the area
    • Track students’ college applications
    • Review students’ specific personalized plan name in their state


    Staff login to SchooLinks via (Clever, Classlink) 

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  • Skyward Alerts

    Parents if you would like to set up your Skyward access to include alerts notifying you of low or missing grades please click here for  step by step instructions.

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  • PSAT Information

    Please Click Here for important information regarding the PSAT.

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  • Social Media Safety

    Please Click Here to view information on the Social Media Safety Meeting. 

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  • Tanaka                                      
    Liz Tanaka                                             
    Lead Counselor                                    
    6th Grade                                             
    (281) 634-3248                              
    Thao Nguyen  
    7th Grade  
    (281) 634-3249    
    Adrienne Luney
    8th Grade
    (281) 634-3250 
    Counselor Clerk

Helpful Tips

  • Guidelines for Exiting AAC (Academic Advance Course) course:

    Exit processes are necessary to assist students in making sound course selections decisions. Students and parents must be aware that, depending on the timeline, grades earned in AAC or AP courses follow the students to the corresponding on-level course. These grades will be included in calculating the on-level course grade and may impact UIL eligibility.

    1. Students are expected to seek support when needed to be successful in the AAC course. Actions taken should include tutorials and conferencing with the teacher.

    2.  Student must submit a formal request to be exited from AAC course. This request will be reviewed by the teacher and campus designee(s) to consider student performance, availability of space in other courses, grading timelines, and other factors that may be at issue. Students experiencing success (maintaining a C or better for the semester) should remain in the class for the semester.

    3. Students who earn an F in a AAC course at the end of the grading period may be removed from the class unless otherwise recommended by the teacher or administrator.

    4. Students who elect to take an AP class for which there is no academic equivalent will be required to remain in the course until the end of the semester.