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FAQ's for Bobcats

  • Will I be able to sit with my friends at lunch?
    Yes, the lunches are roughly split by grade level, with 6th grade lunch first, followed by 8th grade, and then 7th grade. There are no assigned seats, so you may sit where ever you'd like.
    Do I have to carry my backpack all day?
    No, when you arrive at school, your backpack goes in your locker until the end of the day. When you purchase your backpack, you may want to get a smaller one or one that folds, to make sure it will fit.
    What happens if I am tardy to class? 
    Each time you are tardy, your parents get an automatic email from Skyward. When you get your 4th tardy, you are sent to the office so we can help you develop a plan to make sure it doesn't happen again. Your education is important and being in the class is part of that. Did you know, you can walk around the entire building, including stopping to use the restroom and opening a locker in under 5 minutes? You have five minutes from class to class, so it should be plenty of time for you to safely get there.
    Do I have to go outside to the portable buildings if it is raining?
    Yes, covered walkways are able to get you from door to door.
    Do I have to take gym? Will they make me run?
    Yes, you have to take gym and yes, there will be days that you run. We believe that part of your education should including a healthy lifestyle.  

New Bobcats Tips and Tricks

  • What is the one thing that new middle school students worry about? How will I get my locker open. Watch the video below for a "how to" or open the power point presentation attached below. If you can't get it open at school, any teacher or principal can help you.

    How to open a locker