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Activity #1

School Theme Activity/We YOUnite—Restorative Circle Introduction



  • Promote a safe and secure classroom/school environment where everyone is free to talk and others will listen.
  • Build unity and work together to accomplish goals.


Reflect and Get Ready!


  • Red, White, and Blue strips will be in your box or with your planners for this activity.
  • Pass out a strip of paper to each student. Students will write on one side of the paper their reflection of last year: What was the best thing that happened last school year? OR If there is something you could change about last school year, what would it be and why? Then on the other side of the paper, they will get ready for this school year by writing about what they are looking forward to for this school year OR a goal that they have for this year.


Use this activity as an icebreaker and an introduction to restorative circles…Do the activity with your class.


  • Rearrange your desks in a circle (or move your desks/tables out of the way to create a circle on the floor). Share “Reflect and get ready” statements using the Circle Activity Guidelines we did together as a staff. You will need something to be the talking piece that gets passed around to whomever is speaking.


  • Establish Norms/Guidelines
    • Respect the talking piece
    • Speak from the heart
    • Listen from the heart
    • Trust you will know what to say
    • Say just enough
    • Honor confidentiality
    • Opening/check-in
    • Fist to 5—How are you feeling about school starting?
    • Go around circle make introductions (1st name—maybe for 6th graders where they went to school last year)
    • Discussion Question(s)
  • What was the best thing about last school year or something you would change about last school year?


  • What is a goal or something you are looking forward to this year?


  • Collect the papers and give to Bakus (302). If you do not have enough for the students to do the activity, check with the teachers around you first. If you need more, let Bakus know (46544)!


To culminate this activity, we will create a flag of chain links that unites all 1450+ student goals signifying that we are united in helping and supporting each other to be our best and reach our goals.


Falcons YOUnite