Degrees and Certifications:

James Hesse


I am a special education co-teacher in 7th and 8th grade Social Studies classrooms in Garcia Middle School.  I have a Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters of Science degree at Texas A&M Univeristy University in Corpus Christi.

I am a certified teacher in the State of Texas at Garcia Middle School in the following areas:

Special Education-Grades K-12

Social Studies Composite-Grades 6-12


In addition, I am certified by the State of Texas to teach:

Secondary Reading-Grades 6-12

Secondary ELA-Grades 6-12

English as a Second Language-Grades K-12

Bilingual Education-Grades K-8

Secondary Spanish-Grades 6-12

I am certified to teach in these subject areas but my assignment at Garcia Middle School does not cover these areas.



My Class Schedule is the following:


First Period-8th Grade US History with Mrs. Olivacce

Second Period-8th Grade US History with Coach Dean

Third Period-8th Grade US History with Coach Dean

Fourth Period-7th Grade Texas History with Ms. Self

Fifth Period-7th Grade Texas History with Mrs. Ross

Sixth Period-Conference/Plaaning Period

Seventh Period-8th Grade US History with Mrs. Clinkscales


Tutorials-Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:20 AM in Room 406 (Mrs. Olivacce's Room)

My teaching role is to serve as a co-teacher in the above classes to provide the best educational opportunities for all students in order that they best fulfill their potential as learners.











  • I am James Hesse and I am an in-class special education support teacher at Macario Garcia Middle School.  I am providing in-class support in a 6th grade English Language Arts (ELA) classroom, a 6th grade World Cultures class, two 7th grade English Language Arts (ELA) classrooms, a seventh grade Texas History classroom, and in an 8th grade ELA classroom.  I am certified to teach all classes that I provide in class support in the State of Texas.   In addition, I have an 7th period Advisory class and sponsor the GMS Chess Club.  This is my schedule for the 2023-2024 school year:
    Period 1:  English Language Arts (ELA) 6th grade with Mr. Peck
    Period 2:  Conference Period
    Period 3:  7th grade Texas History with Mr. Whitman
    Period 4:  7th grade ELA with Mrs. Weber
    Period 5:  6th grade World Cultures class with Ms. Dixon
    Period 6:  8th grade ELA with Ms. Horn
    Period 7:  7th grade ELA with Ms. Murdock
    Period 8:  Advisory 7
    Tutorials will be offered on Wednesday mornings (8:20-8:50) and Wednesday afternoons (4:15-4:45) each week in any social studies and ELA classes..
    James Hesse
    GMS Chess Club Sponsor
    SE ICS Teacher
    Macario Garcia Middle School
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