• Macario Garcia Middle School Attendance Procedures

    Patricia DeLeon-Preuss – Attendance Clerk



    Attendance is taken EVERY class period. If a student is counted absent, an automated phone call and email is generated at the end of the day indicating what class period(s) the student was marked absent. Attendance clerk is unable to stop the automated message.

    It is NOT necessary to call the school when your student is absent.

    Note REQUIRED after an absence

    Please email the attendance office at attendancegms@fortbendisd.com within five (5) days of an absence, regardless of reason. Notes must include: student’s full name, ID number, grade, reason for absence, parent’s signature and contact number. If an excuse note is not received within five (5) days of the absence, the absence will be unexcused.

    • Email notes to the attendance office, NOT the teachers.
    • All absences are considered “unexcused” until the attendance office receives note for the absence.

    Medical Absence

    • If a student is not feeling well, running a fever, nauseous, et cetera in the morning, please do not send them to school.
    • Students should NOT be contacting parents asking to be picked up. If a student begins to feel ill during the day, they must go to the clinic for evaluation.
    • Students signing out through the clinic will be marked absent for the remaining classes of the day and a note will need to be emailed to the attendance clerk. If a student is absent additional days, a separate email for those days is required.
    • Students absent for more than three (3) consecutive days must provide a note from a doctor or health clinic clearing them to return to school.


    Absences that are considered “excused” with proper documentation

    • Medical or dental appointment
    • Personal illness
    • Death in the immediate family (funeral program may be requested)
    • Observing religious holy days
    • Court proceedings, Juvenile Court/Probation meetings in which a student is required to attend.
    • Immigration or Social Security Office appointments
    • Student performing Taps at a military honors funeral
    • Visiting a parent/guardian on military leave.

    Parent note, doctor note, or court/legal document is required for all of the above listed reasons.


    Unexcused Absences

    Family vacations or personal absences scheduled during school days are not acceptable absences and will NOT be excused, regardless of the number of days missed. Family emergencies are considered unexcused unless specific information is provided and is approved on a case by case situation by the grade level principal.


    Late arrivals

    All students arriving after 8:50 must sign in at the front office upon arrival. If student is coming in from a doctor appointment, student should provide a doctor note upon signing in. Parents are not required to sign the student in. Excessive tardies will result in on campus consequences beginning with detention.


    Early Dismissal

    No students will be released after 3:40 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS

    A parent/guardian or authorized person must sign students out in the front office. Students WILL NOT be released from class until a parent/guardian signs them out.

    • A driver’s license or photo ID is REQUIRED when signing a student out.
    • Students will only be released to a person listed on their emergency contact list in Skyward, no exceptions.

    Perfect Attendance

    Absences that are not counted against a student with proper documentation (doctor note, or court/legal document) are:

    • Medical/dental appointment AND student is in attendance part of the day.
    • Observation of a religious holiday per the FBISD Interfaith Calendar (note from parent or religious institution).
    • Court proceedings, Juvenile Court/Probation meetings in which a student is required to attend.
    • Appearing at a government office to complete paperwork required for student’s application for US citizenship.
    • Appearing at a United States naturalization oath ceremony in connection with student’s US citizenship.


    Please allow attendance clerk two (2) business days to update students’ attendance.

    Please contact the attendance clerk at attendancegms@fortbendisd.com if you have any questions.