The GMS Chess will meet every Tuesday afternoon after school beginning August 23, beginning with an introductory meeting on August 23.  The August 23 introductory meeting will focus on chess orientation and different activities such as chess puzzles and chess notation to build on chess skills.  The GMS Chess Club will be meeting in Room 709 on the second floor of GMS.  This will be the same room that the GMS Chess Club met last school year.
    Chess sessions will meet from 4:15-5:05 pm every Tuesday beginning from August 30 until the Tuesday afternoon before Winter Break in December.  Again, this will be in Room 709 on the second floor of GMS.  This is the same room as last school year.
    Chess sessions will resume again in January, 2023 and continue each Tuesday afternoon except for Spring Break until the second Tuesday in April, 2023.
    Parents should pick students up at 5:05 pm after the chess session.
    Students new to chess as well as experienced chess players are very welcome to attend each meeting and session.  Two students involved with the GMS Chess Club have won in section tournaments and placed well in competitions since January, 2022 this past school year.
    The Macario Garcia Middle School Chess Club is designed for the promotion of chess among interested students.  Educational research and anecdotal evidence demonstrates that chess playing boosts critical, strategic, and logical thinking skills that result in excellent educational performance, especially in Math both in the classroom as well as on standardized tests.
    The GMS Chess Club had very good attendance during the 2021-2022 school year.  However, Mr. Hesse, the GMS Chess Club Sponsor, studied a lot during the summer of 2022, taking chess lessons and has developed new methods for making the GMS Chess Club better this year than last year.  Casual chess playing as well as newcomers to chess will still be strongly encouraged.  However, there will also be an emphasis on getting some students interested in taking part in local weekly chess tournaments as well as Houston-area chess tournaments from time to time if they want to further build on their chess gameplay and compete with other chess opponents or rivals.

    The chess club is open to all students as well as any faculty member interested in playing chess. Mr. Hesse again is the sponsor of the GMS Chess Club for the 2022-2023 school year and can be contacted at james.hesse@fortbendisd.com.


    James Hesse

    GMS Chess Club Sponsor

    SE ICS Teacher

    Macario Garcia Middle School