• Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

    Students attending Texas public institutions of higher education must be in compliance with the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), as of fall 2003 (Texas Education Code §51.3062) in order to enroll in public institutions of higher education. The law requires all entering college students to be assessed for college readiness in reading, mathematics and writing unless the student qualifies for an exemption. Each student who fails to meet the minimum passing standard of the exam offered by the institution must be placed in a developmental education program designed to help the student achieve college readiness.


    Which Student must take a TSI Assessment (TSIA2)?

    Unless exempt, a student who is entering a Texas college or university must take a TSIA2 exam and rearn a score at or above the college-ready benchmark in order to enroll in credit bearing courses. A students may be exempt from taking TSIA2 by achieving any of the requirements listed below.

    • ACT - Composite score of 23 or higher and a minimum of 19 on both the English and math tests
    • SAT - Evidenced Based Reading/Writing (EBRW) score of 480 or higher and Math score of 530 or highter
    • STAAR EOC - minimum score of Level 2 on English III to be exempt from Reading/Writing or Algebra II to be exempt from mathematics