How many applications are enough?

    Ideally, 4-7---apply to a reach school, a couple target schools, and an academic and financial safety college. 

    Reach School:  Your credentials may meet or are below the published admission standards for the school.  Note: All ―highly selective schools should be considered a reach school for every student.

    Target School: Your credentials are in the range of the published admission standards for the school. 

    Safety School: (Academic Safety): Your credentials definitely meet or exceed the published admission standards 

    Financial Safety:  In addition to being an academic safety, this school meets your financial situation.  

    My SAT/ACT score is low, should I wait to apply until I take a retake?
    NO!! Always make sure that you meet the deadline for application.

    What is a personal statement and when should I include it? 
    A personal statement is an opportunity to explain anything that is not otherwise addressed in the application. It may be used to explain a fluctuation in grades due to an illness, a life altering experience, or any other significant event that would enhance your application.  

    What about my Facebook?  Is it acceptable for an admission counselor to see my page? 
    College admissions officials, keenly aware that their target audience grows more tech-savvy with every passing year, appear to be getting the hang of social media such as Twitter and Facebook.  

    According to Kaplan, 82% of the 386 admissions officers surveyed indicated that their respective schools used Facebook, "to recruit prospective students." Facebook is clearly the most targeted social platform in that regard; only 56% of those surveyed indicated that their schools used Twitter or YouTube as well.  An important privacy feature that is less used is the “Friends List” which allows you to lump together a group of your Facebook friends and limit what they can see.  By Mary Beth Marklein, (USA TODAY)

    What about emailing my admissions counselor? 
    Use standard and proper English: Never, ever, ever use text message abbreviations. In text messaging, abbreviations are standard, but it's not uncommon to make the disastrous mistake of using the same language in a formal email. Always spell check your e-mail. Make yourself sound credible