The college admission process has its own language... rolling admission, early decision, early action, and wait listed. A brief decription/definition follows of what each admission decision means.
    Early Decision = Binding
    This plan allows a student to apply between October and mid-January (generally) for an early determination of admissability. If accepted, the student is obligated to attend. The student may submit other applications during this period, but only one can be early decision. If accepted through the early decision program, the student must withdraw all other applications.
    Early Action/Notification = Non-binding
    These plans invite early application but they are non-binding agreements to attend the college. Please read your college application carefully to understand the guidelines of Early Action programs.
    Single-Choice Early Action
    Like Early Action, single-choice early action is also not-binding; however, these college and universities preclude you from applying to to other schools during the early application process. Notable single-choice early action programs include Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale. Specific terms and conditions may vary between these programs so make sure to read the fin print of each school's application.
    Deferred Decision
    The college determines that more information is needed to make a final decision. Often the decision is delayed until the sevenths semester grades and/or new test scores are received. 
    Regular Admission
    You submit an application by a specified date and receive a decision within a reasonable and clearly stated period of time. You may apply to other schools without restriction.
    Rolling Admission
    The college or university will notify the student as soon as the complete application has been processed (usually in four to six weeks). It is to the student's advantage to apply early.
    Wait Listed
    With high numbers of applications, many college now have wait lists. Being "wait listed" is not an offer of admission to a college. If you are wiat listed, it means that you are admissible provided there is room, but do not count on it. The number of students that are wait listed is up to the individual college and varies from year to year. Some colleges wait list many students and only admit a few from that list. If wait listed, always make other plans. They are expected to notify you of the resolution of your wait list status no later than August 1st. 
    Deferred Admission
    This plan permits a student, once accepted, to postpone admission for one year to pursue other plans.